Bait and Tackle


Premium Rods, Reels, and Tackle

Rods, reels, line, weights, floats, leader material, nets, traps...and only the sharpest hooks made. 

Our tackle game ranks up with John Lynch, Jevon Kearse, Dick Butkus, and Lawrence Taylor...(Theismann's leg- no longer available).  No matter the need, we have the tackle for you!      

For a look at our entire inventory, visit our online store now.  


Artificial baits and lures

Spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker dont's, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers (with or without the scooter stick), and one or twelve single whistlin' kitty chasers...

...wait, that's Joe Dirt's fireworks list- sorry!

The Florida Angler stocks the sweetest selection of soft plastics, worms, hard bait, poppers, top-water, suspending twitchbait, spoons, spinners, jigs of all kinds...

...everything needed for those who think live bait is cheating!  

We stock premium brands as well as Florida-based fishing tackle artisans.  Our entire inventory is available in our online store.  


Frozen Bait (live bait coming soon!)

Know what stinks more than bait?  The bait store at the coast being out of stock when you get there!  Load up before the trip...we've got you covered.    

Live- Worms, crickets, minnows, and shiners coming soon!

Frozen- chum blocks, shrimp, mullet, rigged ballyhoo, and others.

Clermont Boat Ramp delivery- COMING SOON!